Looking for the best J1 Waiver Jobs?Our records offer Visa-Friendly Hospitals that have sponsored J-1 Waiver Positions
  • Save Time Finding the right hospital
  • See your options In hospitals across the US
  • Increase your Chances Being employed&sponsored
  • Negotiate Better Get the salary you deserve
Specialties Offered
You do not need recruiters, you need informationOur records includes:344 Anesthesiology Positions in 168 Hospitals5689 Internal Medicine Positions in 1373 Hospitals453 Pediatric Positions in 142 Hospitals

How does our records help you?

You will get access to a database of all the hospitals that have sponsored physicians on H1B visa (new or renewed) since 2017.
You can not find these curated records anywhere else. We mined this data from US Government Agencies, filtered it using our own algorithms so that you can tell which are J-1 waiver positions.
  • Hospitals being on our list indicates three important things
    1. They are able to sponsor you
      They may be located in the underserved areas or they may be taking care of underserved population or they just happen to meet one of the many criteria each state has. It is not easy to figure it out – sometimes even the employer does not know if they can sponsor you.
    2. They want to sponsor J-1 waiver physicians
      Why would they go through all the trouble to hire you if they can hire citizens and people with green card. Some places have to. Some places want to. Some places choose not to.
    3. They support you with the application
      Meaning, they hire a lawyer that knows the rules and helps gather all the paperwork. Their HR knows the timeline of application makes sure to keep to it not to you lose your chance in the state. Having the right immigration lawyer with the expertise and them having relationships with the local Conrad 30 office can be the difference between getting a position or not in the state of your preference (especially with subspecialties).
Detailed List from USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • We offer more than job posting websites
    • You will find institutions which never post their job openings online. Some of them surprisingly sponsor waiver. They are often overlooked by J-1 visa holders. They are in our database.
    • Job postings sometimes do not include info on visa sponsorship. We know exactly which hospitals can sponsor and want to sponsor waivers.
  • We know more than recruiters
    • The recruiters will try to get you into the hospitals that they represent. The limited hospitals on their list may not be a good fit for you.
    • The recruiters sometimes just do not know enough about your visa and may mess up its requirement.